This enhanced infrared image below, completed at 10:15 pm EDT tonight (Wednesday, September 3), clearly shows the activity out there in the Atlantic as well as the still-problematic remains of Gustav.

September 10 is the statistical mean peak of the hurricane season and it seems that Mother Nature is attempting to prove that.  There are hints that Ike might follow a path northward very similar to the one it appears that Hanna is destined to travel.  Only time will tell for sure.  It is my opinion that those on the East Coast should prepare for that possibility just in case.


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  1. Anonymous on

    This is so interesting, and sad. Hurricanes can do so much damage…especially if they are going 145mph!

  2. Cloudman23 on

    Yes – I agree. What I wrote in a following post earlier today about the relationship between velocity and force is a surprise to most people. Sometimes I use the example comparing 15 mph to 20 mph because that is the posted speed in active school zones where I live in north-central Florida. I do so for the obvious reason, to persuade people how dangerous it is in a school zone to add just 5 mph to the speed limit. As it turns out, if you do the math, going from 15 to 20 increases impact force of a car against a youngster by 78%! So, we might as well say it nearly doubles the lethal force!

    Thank you for expressing that you find it interesting. Until I retired, I taught college students some of these same principles that I’m putting in my web-log ( and a large percentage of my students found it boring. You see, most of the students who took my meteorology, or geology, or physics, or environmental science courses were taking science only because a couple of classes were required of them for graduation. They really didn’t want to be there. Don’t get me wrong I had some wonderful students and am in contact with many of them even today.

    But, the greatest teaching thrill of my life is what I am doing now. There is an organization at the local community college called the Senior Institute. Some of the members desire academics. In other words, they are interested in more than yoga, simple computer courses, and sketching in an art course (though I admit that those are worthwhile endeavors). They are the most delightful students I’ve ever had and I learn so much teaching them. Yesterday, when I finished the last two-hour session of an 8 hour Chautauqua-type course titled “Understanding Hurricanes,” they stood and applauded. Believe me, the times that such a thing has happened I can count on one hand and it does indeed touch me. They are so very appreciative and supportive. This is one of the troubles with education in this country today. Too many people are angry because they are in a particular class in the first place. I believe that people who feel that way should wait a while before attending college classes – perhaps pick in the fields for a few years and find out what real work is so that they would appreciate the value of an education. It’s not so much what you learn as it is “learning to learn.”

    That you found that particular post in my web-log interesting makes the effort on my part worthwhile. I plan to continue throwing in little tutorials of that sort.

    Thank You,

    Professor of Earth Sciences – retired

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