Ike – 5 Days From Now? – And, an Image of Ike This Afternoon –


I am posting 3 images.  The first two are model projections for Ike to 5 days from 8 am EDT today.  That projects, then, to 8 am EDT on Friday, September 12, 2008.  If you want to view spaghetti charts uncluttered by base-line no-skills models I recommend the WeatherUnderground tropical page.  I have a link down low on the right margin of this web-log page.

1) The first image shows you the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting model (ECMWF).

2) the second images shows you the GFDL model.  Both were acquired from Penn State U. Dept. of Met.

3) the third image is self-explanatory.  It has a nice, high, resolution so to get a good view of a well-formed hurricane from above, do some left clicking on the image.

There is not quite as much agreement with the models 5 days out as there was yesterday.  The next item of consideration, I suppose, should be Gulf of Mexico temperatures because it is looking more and more as though Ike is going to be heading that way.

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