Watch any of the national news programs tonight and you’re sure to hear that what was once hurricane Ike is not going out like a lamb.  Even though it has become extratropical and therefore is no longer officially a hurricane, it has been producing some hurricane force winds (74 mph or more).

The image above shows it’s forecast position for 2 PM EDT on Monday 9-15-08.  I have marked it but I’m sure you could have found it without my help.  For reference, the horizontal limb of the red “L” is touching the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec.

Ike’s remains have caused great problems due to both wind and heavy rains.  Examples are Chicago and Cincinnati.  More than 689,000 customers of Duke Energy in and around Cincinnati have been without power from the effects of high winds.  Trees have been toppled upon houses, vehicles, and transmission wires.  Estimates are that it will be from 3 to 4 days before power is restored to all.

I am positive that there are many other cities, towns, and rural areas that have been negatively effected by the winds and rain.  Hopefully there will be some good from this – for example, much needed rain in the agricultural areas which dominate the majority of the landscape over which the former Ike has traveled today.  Let’s hope that there has been little if any crop damage due to high winds, excessive rain, or hail.  I’ll be calling my uncle Oren and aunt Marge Toney in East-Central Indiana tomorrow in hopes that they got the rain they needed and that none of their crops were damaged.  Apparently they had high wind warnings until 7 PM this evening and about 1290 people are without power in their county (according to the Muncie Star-Press).  This represents approximately 5%, or one out of twenty people in their county.

The photo below is but one small example of the multitude of unfortunate occurrences in the Cincinnati area.

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