Hurricane Kyle Is Heading Northward Toward Maine and Nova Scotia

Source = National Hurricane Center

Source = National Hurricane Center

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At 8 PM EDT this evening Kyle still was maintaining hurricane strength in spite of high wind shear aloft.  Generally, a 15 mph wind shear is about the break-off point for being slow enough to allow a hurricane to hold its strength or intensify.  It has been greater than that today and is expected to get up to 25 mph tomorrow.  However, the winds over the storm are diverging as two cars going down the highway together would diverge a bit if one of them were to move to a lane further from the other car.  So, the air over the storm is moving in the same general direction but spreading a bit.  When air aloft converges it tends to sink and the opposite happens when air aloft diverges; there tends to be an increase in the amount of air rising from below.  This could allow Kyle to maintain hurricane strength tomorrow in spite of the shear.  It’s a fine balance and there is some disagreement as to whether it will still be a hurricane tomorrow since at 8 PM the maximum sustained winds were 75 mph and 73 mph would demote it a tropical storm.

It will be interesting to see what happens.  Of course, for the sake of the landfall regions and the ships and boats at sea in that area, I hope it weakens quickly.

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