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Bodies of hurricane Ike victims continue to be recovered – mostly in debris fields.  Here is a recent story on that subject:


The Red Cross has a webpage where those living in the regions effected by the hurricane and those who have evacuated/relocated can register.  I urge you to do so.  There is also a search feature for those of you who are looking for particular survivors.  Here is the link:


For those of you looking for a person or persons, it is my most sincere hope that you find all is well.  For those of you not looking, it is also my hope that all is well.

There is a wide range within the estimate of the number of people still missing.  Here are some examples:




2 comments so far

  1. Tyler Dillon on

    Just launching new website, hurricaneike.biz to help the everyday citizen quickly send items to help in the recovery effort.

    Ty Dillon

  2. Doris Martino on

    We had a beach house on highway 87 in Gilchrist. It is completely gone. We have been back there numerous times to see if we could find any momentos. We found a clock that had been hanging in our kitchen. It was a battery clock and had stopped at 12:15, I presume it was 12:15 AM. We had windstorm and homeowners insurance but no flood as we had no mortgage. Our premiums were very high in spite of no flood insurance. We have reason to believe that we will not be covered for any damages and if anyone reading this has the same problem, we would like to get together to see what can be done about this.
    My email address is dorismartino@cox.net.
    We can’t let this happen and if we get together we can fight this.


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