Florida’s West Coast May Soon Be Visited By a Strong Weather System

I apologize to my few “regulars” (mostly in Central Florida) who rely on my postings of weather tips.  My on-line signal has been very weak and undependable up here in Nature’s Wonderland – the Southern Appalachians.  But these cool temperatures (below freezing in the early morning hours and with the beautiful Autumn colors make being without the Internet a trivial inconvenience in the whole scheme of things.  Conditions are allowing me to be on line this moment so I want to get this information out to you while I can.  Almost all of what I have learned about the tropical disturbance centered slightly north of Honduras has come from a quick check with Dr. Jeff Master’s statement found at Weather Underground.  Since I’m having difficulty getting on line, I strongly suggest you go there for updates.  Here is a link:


Though the weather system has been deadly in Central America, there does not seem to be cause for great alarm in Florida at this time but heavy rains with fairly strong winds (30-35 mph) might be expected for part of the state on Friday night – probably somewhere between Tampa and the Big Bend.  Strong wind shear over the Gulf of Mexico will probably prevent the storm from becoming any stronger – in fact, by the time it reaches Florida it will probably have taken on extratropical (mid-latitude) characteristics.  An example of such characteristics is the establishment of a front (or fronts).  It will be interesting to see if that happens.

My personal favorite with regard to the models is the GFDL which is shown in blue in the image below.  Since it is dated, and since nothing new yet appears today, I’m hoping that something has happened in the interim to further weaken the system.

If you would like to view the GFDL model animation and need instructions on how to do so, the last posting on my tutorials page will tell you how.  Here is a link: https://cloudman23.wordpress.com/weather-tutorials/



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