It’s expected to get down into the high teens in the morning in my part of Florida (halfway between Inverness and Dunnellon at 28.97 degrees North latitude) and down to a warm 45 degrees where I used to live in Florida (Homestead at 25.46 degrees North latitude).  But even though the temperature here is going to be less than half what it will be down there – the “atmosphere” here is 100 times as serene.  I’ll take serenity and cold over helter-skelter and “not as cold” any old day.

God bless my friends who are stuck down there in that foreign county – even the ones who don’t even realize they are stuck.  As for me – being back in the country of my birth and the county I served honorably while in the Air Force – the good old U.S of A. is a tremendous relief.  In spite of all of our problems today, this is still the greatest country in the world!

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