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Hurricane Warning In February! A Strange Happening.

Friends and family have been contacting me via e-mail to let me know about a mysterious storm out there in the Gulf of Mexico.  I am thoroughly confused because it defies all that I have learned about conditions conducive to hurricane development – especially during an El Nino episode like the one we are now experiencing.  Furthermore, I cannot explain the strange shape of the eye in the satellite images.  It alone defies most of what I’ve learned about the physics of cyclonic circulation, conservation of angular momentum, and vorticity.

I am futher confused by the naming of the strong storm, which is on a steady course toward Miami.  Some of my sources are indicating that it is hurricane “Whodat” and others are calling it hurricane “Hoosier!”

The strongest part of the storm, the right-hand leading quadrant, is expect to begin dominating South Florida’s weather by late this afternoon on into the darkness hours.  I caution all residents to stay off the roadways and seek the comfort and protection of their homes.  Television coverage can be enjoyed so long as there are no power outages.

It is my hope that no one is hurt and that the entire event goes on record as being “classy.”  By the way, if it were left up to me to name the storm, it would definitely be Hurricane “WhoKnows?”

Two images are shown below: