Let’s REALLY get out of Iraq! NOW!

August 30, 2010

I find it sadly misleading to hear and read the implication that we are now “out” of Iraq.

I say – let’s really get out – NOW – and bring our valuable “stuff” back home with us!

Let’s eliminate the need for more Angel Flights (carrying the fallen) from Iraq!

I think that is ridiculous that nearly 50,000 U.S. Military personnel are still in Iraq and the recent reduction in force is being thought of as a “big deal” by our sad leader in Washington D.C.   50,000 is hardly a small number but one would think it’s just a drop in the bucket considering the way it’s being discussed.  Look at the graphic above.  It contains the letter, “h” 5000 times.  Multiply that by 10 in your mind’s eye and it will give you 50,000.  Can you visualize that?  While you’re at it, can you visualize 4416, the most recent figure I have found for the number of U.S. fatalities in Iraq since the war started on 3-19-2003?

I think we should bring home all of those who remain.  From my perspective – trying to engineer peace in that part of the world is downright stupid or at best, the product of delusional thinking. I can easily come up with meaningful suggestions as to how those people could be utilized in this country.

According to AFP (Agence France-Presse) less than a week ago the top U.S. General in Iraq, Gen. Ray Odierno, suggested at a press briefing in Baghdad that “around” 49,700 troops remain and added, “The number will stay at that level through next summer.”

My associations with men native to that part of the world have not been good. Though there surely must be some exceptions, my impression is that their general regard for the female of our species is on a very low plane. I try to judge without being judgmental. It’s often difficult. When it comes to judging a man, one of my primary points of inquiry and/or observation is, “How does he treat the women in his life and women in general?” I’ve always been especially leery of any man who seems to regard his mother in a negative light though I admit that there is such a thing as an unworthy mother; I read or hear about one now and then in the news. But, if only half of the stories I’ve heard about the treatment of countless women in Iraq and neighboring countries are true, it is indescribably obscene and the “double-standard between genders is demented.

There seems to be great hope that the Iraqi men will be able to assure peace and order in the eventual absence of U.S. supervision. I seriously doubt it. I don’t think that any set of soldiers/politicians/religious figures who treat the women of their society so poorly have the integrity or courage to do what is necessary to assure peace and order. Therefore, I feel that our “leaving Iraq” will most certainly mean that the country will eventually – perhaps even quickly – return to a state of chaos. I say – “So be it!” In the same breath I must say that I hope and pray for the safety and freedom of the women of Iraq and all of the men and children who have somehow resisted being stripped of their innate notions of human value.  I support aid to those people but object strongly to the lives of our citizens being jeopardized in that God-forsaken country.  But, to hell with the time-table I’ve been reading and hearing about over the last week.  Let’s get all of our people out now before something happens that causes them to stay and/or for the numbers to increase again!

What does 50,000 look like?

The circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 statute miles. If you could drive your car around the equator twice you will have traveled 49,803.1 miles. Each of those miles almost exactly represents one U.S. Military person still in Iraq as of this writing! If you drove that “twice-around-the-world” journey at a rate of 100 statute miles per hour, it would take you almost 21 days to complete the journey. This would NOT include any stops – not even for rest, food, fuel, maintenance, or toilet visits.

The graphic below, not very pretty and not very exciting, shows the letter “h” typed in rows of 100 each to the tune of 50,000 total!  Try scrolling down the graphic to get some idea of what 50,000 means.  As I said at the beginning of this short essay – that is not a “drop in the bucket.” Each aitch (h) represents one living human being from the United States of America! Why did I use “h?” I must have been thinking “hero.”

Think of all of the families associated with each of those individuals.  For those of you who argue that we have an “all volunteer” force over there – I concede that you are correct.  I propose that the number of volunteers in our armed forces would be even larger if they were assigned tasks that aid our own citizens directly.  After hurricane Andrew I made it a special point to thank the service men and women I encountered who were transported down to South Florida to assist us.  Many risked their necks down there to maintain some semblance of order for in many respects, it was like a war zone.  Invariably the response was to the effect that it was nice to be of service in their own country!



For the record – 4416 U.S. fatalities through August 24, 2010.

Here is what that number looks like using the same technique as above:

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