Clouds From Irene Over Citrus County, Florida

I was out pulling weeds around 8 pm EDT at my home in Citrus County, Florida when I saw cirrus clouds moving along at a fairly good clip.  After taking a few quick photographs, I went to my computer to confirm what I suspected I was seeing.  I consulted both an up-to-date satellite visible loop and an infrared loop.  Sure enough, the cirrus I was observing marked the outermost segment of an outflow band from hurricane Irene.

Here is a photo as I faced the WSW.    (The gray clouds are little fracto-cumulus at a much lower altitude than the very high cirrus).


The graphic below shows the general direction of movement of both the inflow and the outflow of a hurricane in the northern hemisphere.  This particular one is hurricane Ike of 2008.

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  1. Mary Blahut on

    Didn’t see the clouds, but they look beautiful. We really appreciate all your weather advisories, information, etc.

    • Tonie on

      Thanks Mary,

      I’ve been keeping a watch today using the visible satellite loop. Some of the low-level clouds here in Citrus County are going along with inflow but I see no outflow indicators. However, if you were to look eastward and up from a good vantage point there in Marion County you would see some outflow cirrus now (Friday afternoon around 5 pm EDT).

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