Cloudman23 in his beloved Blue Ridge

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Updated Sept. 6, 2017

Cloudman23 (that’s me – Tonie Ansel Toney) has not been active on this site over the last several months. 

I am a retired college/university professor with 41 years of teaching experience (37 of those – full-time).  Since my wife and I moved to West-Central Florida in 2005 I taught several Chautauqua-type seminars for the Senior Learning Institute at the College of Central Florida will into 2013.   It has now become a non-profit called Senior Learners, Inc. and classes are still conducted at the College of Central Florida in Ocala.  Here is a link:


My subjects are geology, meteorology, physical oceanography, and environmental sciences.  My interest in the natural environment blossomed when I became a part-time farm-boy under the influence of my famous Hoosier grandfather, Ansel Toney, who passed away in 1987 at age 99.  I went to the farm as a 10-year-old California “city slicker” after my parents separated.  Two of Ansel’s sons, Virgil Oren, and Bill, were significant role models and were instrumental during those early days on the farm where they worked their butts off while “young” Cloudman worked a little, mostly played, observed, and learned.


Meteorology further grabbed my attention while serving in the United States Air Force.  My special geoscience interests are cloud dynamics, glacial geomorphology, and the interaction of atmosphere and hydrosphere.

A very high priority for my wife and me has been to see that my in-laws receive proper care in our home.  Both World War II veterans, they have been living in our home in their private in-law attachment since we moved to this serene part of Florida in 2005.  Sadly, my mother-in-law died in March, 2014.  My father-in-law has given up driving but we are doing fine getting him out and about and we include him in much of what we do.   

The page in this web-log, “Revelations, Reflections, and Rants,” has very few entries.  If content is added it will be at at a slow pace – partly because having left South Florida the urge to rant has been minimized.  Even though I am a social animal there are times when I prefers the serenity and contentment of near solitude.  I may use the R, R, & R page as an outlet at those times to communicate in areas outside my expertise.  Believe me, there are plenty of those.

My hobbies are landscaping at home, hiking in mountains all over North America, reading, and small craft sailing.  I have yet to resume my involvement in target archery.  One day I’ll sharpen up with my trusty recurve bow – a bow that suits my personality.  That will probably happen when my son gets back into his compound bow shooting.

I have 4 adult children and all are in Florida.  The furthest is about a 3 hour drive away.  Fortunately, three of my four grandchildren are close too.

This web-log was started on August 24, 2008, the 16th anniversary of category 5 hurricane, Andrew.  We lived in Homestead, Florida then (1992) and our home was a total loss.  We stayed in the community and had the house rebuilt.  We left in 2005 for a less congested and more friendly environment.  I often say that I escaped “syphilization” while still possessing one remaining, albeit thin, thread of sanity.  I’m now experiencing the happiest time of my life.  This happiness has little to do with material things.

The primary intent of this web-log, initially, was to report weather to neighbors, family, friends, and students.  I am not a weather forecaster.  Most “bloggers” who provide forecasts are not trained as forecasters.  So long as they report the forecasts of the professionals they are probably performing a valuable service.  I’m careful to make it clear when expressing a personal opinion; in most cases I simply stick to what the “experts” are saying and give credit where credit is due.

This site has, at times, been an outlet for my need to teach/share/learn.  But I anticipate that I will soon be changing my approach by straying from geosciences from time to time in order to make observations, express concerns and opinions, share feelings, tell stories, perhaps offer some advice based upon my experiences, and maybe attempt some humor.  Who knows where that might lead?  LOL

In most anything computer-related I face a steep learning curve.  Comments, including constructive criticism, are welcome.  For those who do wish to provide me the pleasure of a comment, I feel it is reasonable to request the courtesy of your name and E-mail address.

E-Mail = ProfToney@gmail.com

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2 comments so far

  1. Karin Bartsch on

    Dear cloudman,
    after an interaction on AB today – I am Whitehair – , I was curious and had to visit you. I love your blog and I am so thankful for meeting people like you in cyberspace, that makes every forum worthwile. I also started blogging, but I find interaction more desireable.
    Here is my blogging address

    If you have a little time you might want to roam in my 20 plus page website once in a while, you might like it.
    I wish you well, jobwise and in personal matters. If you would have a friend’s list in AB, I would certainly add you.

    Karin Bartsch aka Whitehair.

  2. Sherry Demas on

    Good hearing from you. Sounds that you are all well, and enjoying this stage of your life. I have been taking some writing classes at our junior college here. Actually met a young student that did not know how to write cursive!

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