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Lone Gilchrist House – Why This ONE? – What Now?

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Things Look Gray for this surviving house. Left Click to Enlarge


Thankfully, no one has asked me, “Why focus on this one house, when so many others were totally destroyed?”  I have asked myself that question and I’m not sure how to answer it.  I suspect it has to do with my regard for the architecture that withstood the force of the surge, the wind, and the backsurge and my curiosity over the building codes, and the type of special measure taken to construct such a strong house.  Then, there is also the curiosity about the history of the house, especially when it became apparent through Google Maps and Google Earth images that the house either underwent a major remodeling or was totally new (as it turns out the latter is the case).  Now, in spite of its survival and the great pains the owners must have taken to make it a secure structure, it looks as though the house might not be reoccupied.  Time will tell.

Yes indeed, THINGS LOOK GRAY!  It’s far from over.  Close to 40 people from that peninsula were fished out of the water in successful rescues but it is feared that many more are lost and will never be found.  There are hearts that are broken and more breakage is on its way.  In my opinion, survivors should be counting their blessings and I’m sure that most of them are.

My house in Homestead, Florida having been totaled in 1992’s Andrew might have played a role in the awe and wonder I felt when I saw photos of the lone house that survived in that Gilchrist neighborhood.  I know what it’s like when a killer storm is bearing down, experiencing the unknowns, wondering if you’ve done enough to protect your loved ones and the structure, and going through the rebuilding process (which in some respects is more of a nightmare than the storms themselves}.  I was very lucky.  I had a job, I had good insurance, and I had resources to purchase a 25′ travel trailer to live in during the year it took to rebuild the house.  I also had an understanding family who knew how to roll with the punches.

The reason why I emphasize that “I had a job” is because after Andrew, many businesses that were destroyed did not revive.  The region suffered a great deal.  Post traumatic issues were abundant, and the divorce rate increased dramatically.

Thanks to a “heads up” from Kimberly, a reader of this web-log, I am able to provide you the following links:

Watch and listen to this video on  You will hear an interview with the house owner’s sister and in addition to current aerial images you will see a before image of the house.

For more details read this from

Listen to an Anderson Cooper interview with the owner of the house, Pam Adams.

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We have been enjoying a few days of tropical inactivity after a “whirlwind” bout with some storms.  The news about Ike has tapered down greatly but lest we forget, there are many, many people suffering over that storm.  By the time Ike lost its hurricane status we had gone for 29 straight days with at least one named storm – Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike.

By the end of next week there will probably be at least one named storm out there again.  Experts have been keeping an eye on the Madden/Julian Oscillation (MJO) which is an observed oscillation of tropical convection that is not well understood.  Interpretations are that within 3 to 6 days conditions will again be “ripe” for the development of tropical disturbances that have the potential to develop further – some eventually into named storms.  Understanding the graphical representations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation is not easy but I’m providing a link for those of you who are inclined to dig in deep or those who are simply curious about it.  If you are a meteorologist or a physicist (or just curious), I recommend you click on the “expert discussions.”


I received an e-mail today from the daughter of the owner of the “lone house standing” in Gilchrist.  I have asked her permission to put her comments in the main body of this web-log and will do so if she agrees.  I know that so many of you have been concerned.  The occupants evacuated and are A.O.K.  I will attempt to learn the extent of the damage but I doubt that they know at this time.  I don’t expect that they have been able to return to assess the damage.  I am very relieved to know that they didn’t try to ride out that storm even though they surely would have survived if they had stayed inside.  Now – let’s all hope that none of their neighbors got swept away with their homes.  In my opinion, if there are no fatalities among the Gilchrist residents, it will be a miracle.  It may very well be that all of them, knowing the hurricane history of that peninsula, decided to get out of there.  The location of her comment is at the end of my September 16 post titled Location of Gilchrist, Texas House – Some Clues.


Finally, I learned from another sharp reader that the gentleman who first guided me to the location of the house was correct when he said that the house was a few blocks east of Rollover.  I interpreted that to be Rollover Street when in fact, Rollover is also the name of the bridge.  That is just too logical for me to have caught on.  LOL

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