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From late September on through the remainder of the official hurricane season, systems that can develop into named storms begin to pop up in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico.  One such development may be occurring now.

An interesting area in the vicinity of the Yucatan is being watched by the National Hurricane Center.  I have marked the approximate center which is hard to pinpoint since there is no apparent closed surface circulation at this time.  I may have my blue dot positioned a bit too far to the east.  It’s easier to do when using loops rather than stills like this image.  If you want to try that, here is a good page to get some nice loops:

I have looked at some of the models on this one and there are indications that it could eventually move toward Florida and provide significant rainfall.  It is my opinion that interests along the West Coast of Florida should pay attention to this.  Right now the wind shear over the storm is about 20 mph.  There is some chance that it could slowly strengthen as it moves toward the northeast later this week.  Probably around the middle of the week it will be influencing some part of Florida.

Tonie A. Toney

12:50 PM EDT 9-28-08